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FreshAirscapes HumidifiAir
  • humidifies up to 430 sq. ft.

  • perfect for bedroom, living room, dining room
  • suited for babies, pets, plants

  • ultra quiet technique, ideal for sleep, below 35dB

  • super easy to move, ultra light weight (0,3 pounds)

  • 7 different LED lights create a unique atmosphere

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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping during the pandemic is not an easy issue but we make sure you get the products as quickly as possible. We hope for your understanding.

Shipping to the US: 8-12 business days

Shipping to the Canada: 8-12 business days

Shipping to the UK: 8-12 business days

Shipping to Europe: 8-12 business days

15 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are convinced that you will love the HumidifiAir, once you have unboxed it. If there is still for any reason an issue with your HumidifiAir and you are not 100% satisfied, you will of course be able to get a refund for 15days after receiving your item. Which means completely worry-free ordering and enjoying of the FreshAirscapes HumidifiAir for you, our beloved customers.


Transform your room into an oasis of deep well-being and breathtakingly fresh air. The HumidifiAir creates the special atmosphere that stimulates your senses and gives you very intense moments to experience

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Its unique Characteristics:

  • the modern and beautiful design lets the HumidifiAir appear in any room as lovely decoration
  • integrated LEDs let the HumidifiAir shimmer beautifully, especially when it gets darker
  • very quiet technique, you can fall asleep next to the HumidifiAir easily

Humidify your surrounding hygienically

The special FreshAirscapes-technology uses a natural, hygienic process to humidify the air.

Which makes it very comfortable to breath. It contributes to a constant humidification of several body parts such as lungs and skin.

The HumidifiAir at night and in action


  • the FreshAirscapes HumdifiAir creates a magical atmosphere. With which you will experience one of a kind moments at any time.

  • with humidified air your body and vision will get much clearer, which will for instance increase your level of productivity and conciousness.

  • with a beautiful interieur you and the people you love and surround yourself with will be astonished by the impression of the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a product to get delivered?

It will take 8-12 business days until the parcel is delivered.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee, if I am not 100% satisfied?

We strongly believe, that you will be pleased with appearance and action of the HumidifiAir. But if for any reason, you are not fully 100% satisfied, you can request a refund within 15 days after receiving your item and you will be getting your money fully refunded within a couple of days.

Is the usage easy to do?

Yes, it is very easy to understand. You can read the description within the parcel or you can take a look at the picture down below to be fully capable of applying the HumidifiAir.

For which area (in square meters) is the FreshAirscapes HumidifiAir suited?

Is is suited for an area between 20 and 40 square meters. So in case you have bigger areas to cover, you can of course combine multiple HumidifiAirs.

For which amount of time can the FreshAirscapes HumidifiAir run without supervising it?

The FreshAirscapes HumidifiAir is capable of running for more than 5 hours. After it is completely empty it will shut off automatically. So you do not have to watch out for it at all.

Is the HumidifiAir suited for any family member, including children, animals and plants?

The HumidifiAir is creating its effect in ways, that it is also suited for babiespets or plants

Can the FreshAirscapes HumidifiAir be used with normal water?

Yes, the HumidifiAir has been created in a way, that normal water can be used. Destilled water would still be recommended for extended effect, but normal water is absolutely fine.

Is the FreshAirscapes HumidifiAir easy to clean?

Since the HumidifiAir is designed in a way, that you can easily take it apart, the cleaning is doable in a very simple way. For additional information, the HumidifiAir should be cleaned about all 2-3 weeks.

Can I cancel my order after I have made a purchase?

Yes! We offer immediate order cancellation within the next 6 hours after your order has been placed.

Your order will be cancelled and refunded in full as soon as we get your request, so as the order has not shipped out yet.

If you would still like a refund once your order has been shipped out, you will have to initiate our standard returns process.

Can I track the parcel on its journey to my place comfortably?

Yes, you will get after your order confirmation mail a second mail when the product has been shipped. Within that you will also receive a tracking code and a description on how to use it for you to follow the parcel.

If I have any questions, thoughts or issues with my order or a potential order, do I have an opportunity to contact the service team of FreshAirscapes?

Yes, you can take fully advantage of the Contact Us page and send us your request. The support tries to help you with any concern 24 hours/ 7 days a week. We will answer it within a few hours after receiving it, in most of the cases the waiting period will be less than 3 hours. 

How to use it

Product information

Size: 105mm x 105mm x 150mm

Capacity: 130ml

Weight: 140g

Humidifying capacity: 30ml/h

Effective range: 20-40m²

Noise: <35db

Material: ABS, PET, electronic original, acrylic, silicone

Power type: USB

Power: 3 watt

Certification: CE

The product contains: 1x FreshAirscapes HumidifiAir, 1x USB charging port, 2x cotton sponge cores, 1x user manual


George, 64 

"I am using the FreshAirscapes HumidifiAir for a while

 now and I have to say, I am impressed by the design 

and how it works. Whenever I come home I start the 

HumdifiAir and it transforms my living room into a 

mystical world."

Veronica, 27

"My home had for a very long time dry air. So I tried

the FreshAirscapes HumidifiAir and now the air is 

completely humidified and very comfortable to 

breathI actually did not know how much better 

you can concentrate and think when the air 

is in a great condition."

Margareth, 74

"I got the FreshAirscapes HumidifiAir as a gift for my 

birthday. So I used it couple of days later for the first 

time and I was surprised by the effect of this machine. 

Breathing and handling the tasks in the household

 have gotten much easier. I feel actually exhilarated

and much more driven. It's a freeing feeling."

Sarah, 32

"I wanted to treat myself with something special for 

my home. Eventually I found the HumidifiAir from 

FreshAirscapes. It not only looks very intriguing and

 is nice to see in action, developing the mist. 

But it also creates a very soothing airin which you 

can relax and do whatever you want with ease. I am 

very pleased."

98% customer satisfaction

Free Worldwide Shipping

24/7 Support

15 day money back guarantee