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Why We started

FreshAirscapes is a young innovative enterprise from Germany who had back in their students time always the same repetitive problem: When they wanted to learn, or do anything else within a house for a longer time the concentration and attention started to drop after some time. And obviously they thought about the common reasons for that: having too little sleep, having eaten not healthy enough and so on. But after a while they had the clue, that maybe something else was the real reason for that: air; to be more specific dry air.

So they went and tried to use a very simple tool, that you would only call in the farest a humidifier. But suddenly the whole atmosphere changed and the students enabled themselves to be much more productive and much longer. And not only that, the whole life quality improved quite impressively. They couldn't believe their eyes. Literally. 'Cuz it wasn't just that the refreshed and humidified air was giving those young students more energy and led to clearer thinking but also the eyes didn't need that much time anymore to regenerate.

Eventually they came to the conclusion that they found something that seemed to be to them something like an elixir. Later on, they tried something which appeared more like a funny experiment than being super serious about it, they came up with the idea of putting some essential oil into the tool that only looked like a humidifier. So they chose lavender and were deeply suprised how well the room was smelling after a bit. So they not only solved the problem of dry air itself but also added the special something to their surrounding. And at very that moment they decided to come up with an own well-designed, technological top modern humidifier that gives everybody the possibility to have fresh, humidified air and additionally to have the scent that they crave and love within their home. 

That's why FreshAirscapes was founded and came up after some time of development with the unique FreshAirscapes HumidifiAirWe hope that some of that magic of the development will be transported inside your homes.

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